Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Ghantasala songs from Paropakaram

This YouTube upload PAROPAKARAM-GHANTASALA FIRST PRODUCED MOVIE by Mukkamala1958 led two Ghantasala songs, the first of which I remember very well. Enjoy; if this does not work there seem o be a few other places.
Hridayama Sagipomma and Jodedla Naduma


Space Bar said...

swarupgaru, may i have your email? i'll respond to you offthread on my bhopal post.

gaddeswarup said...

I am also visiting Hyderabad in August-september starting on August 8. And will visit Vijayawada, Guntur and Delhi during that period. Delhi trip is mainly to meet some relatives and M. Rajshekhar who seems to be a very promising journalist. If you are in any of these places, it will be nice to meet. From August 18th for a week or so, there is an ICM conference in Hyderabad which I am attending. I have retired now but still do a bit of mathematics off and on. Regards,

Space Bar said...

Swarupgaru, I am in Hyd only. It would be great to meet. There's a play on two days of the conference that I want to see with a friend who is visiting from B'lore at the time. I will try to get passes for that. So we will definitely meet there, if not before then.

Will also mail you.