Sunday, May 16, 2010


My yahoo mail has been compromised. If there are any messages from my yahoo mail address, please ignore.

P.S. Some friends recd. the following mail from the hacked account which I cannot access now. Luckily two of them consulted other friends to check whether it was genuine. In both cases there was an impulse to help.

> Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 17:12:32 -0700
> From:
> Subject: I Need Your Help
> To:
> Hope you get this on time. Sorry I didn't inform you about my trip to UK for a program. I'm having
> some difficulties here because I misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money and
> other valuable documents are. Presently my passport and my things are being held down by the
> hotel management pending the time I make payment.
> I would like you to assist me with a loan of £1,800 to pay my hotel bills and to get myself back
> home. I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with. I'll Refund the money back to
> you as soon as I return. Let me know if you can be of any help as soon as possible. I don't have a
> phone where I can be reached, please let me know your response immediately
> Best Regards,
> Swarup

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