Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Telugu dictionaries

The following పత్రికా పదకోశం is currently available online.
A few years ago, while trying to find some dictionaries for technical terms in Telugu, I came across the name of Digavalli Venkata Siva Rao, through his grandson of the same name. Today I saw mention of his two books in the following openlibrary article:
Digavalli Venkata Siva Rao
Quote from the article:
"Another well recognized work of Siva rao was his book “Vyvahara kosamu” (1933) and his “ Sastra paribhasha”(1934). This is English-Telugu Dictionary of Scientific and Technical terms. Both these books were approved by Text Book Committee. This was a pioneering attempt to find suitable Telugu terms for technical and scientific words. There was no work of its kind before this book. Several Universities including Madras and Andhra approved its use for Telugu translations of technical and scientific literature. Several appreciations were received from many well known personalities including Vepa Rameswam and several others like Vembu Iyer[sessions judge] and the Hindu paper. Long before Glossary work was started by Andhra Govt, Siva rao did this ground breaking work. Above two books were combined and reprinted by J.Jetley of Asian Educational Services, New Delhi in
1991. "
The flavour of the dictionary can be seen at google books English-Telugu Dictionary Technical and Scientific
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