Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Andrew Leonard on Obama

In the course of a review of John Talbot's Obanomics Andrew Leonard says:
"The real promise of an Obama presidency may lie not so much in the details of his platform as it is documented on his Web site, but in his apparent character. If you take the time to read or listen to his speeches or his books, you are likely to acknowledge, unless utterly blinded by partisanship, that he is a smart, perceptive guy who is able to articulate a complex understanding of the world to a degree that few other modern American politicians can even begin to approach.....
it seems unlikely that he will metamorphose into a blithering idiot or a corporate tool.

To be smart, and to be able to see both sides now, are rare qualities in contemporary American politics. "Obamanomics," then, is not a platform but a person. And here is where John Talbott does nail what might be the most important attribute of Barack Obama. A smart, pragmatic guy who cares about fairness just might be able to get people to cooperate."
P.S. John Pilger has a different view. Ryan Lizza'sarticleseems to be the most factual. We always hope before elections. If Obama's books are any indication, I go along with Andrew Leonard's views.

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