Wednesday, April 18, 2018

After a flu injection

Just had a flu injection at government medical centre. First a doctor inquired about the general background and then sent me to a nurse. The injection was gentle and I was asked to wait for fifteen minutes after the injection to see whether there were any adverse reactions and was then advised on watch to in the next few days. I find that it is generally like this in government medical centres here though some like Monash Medical Centre are quite crowded. Once you get in to the system, there is little waiting time, doctors are good and equipment excellent. Around 1988, I lived in a very poor area and most of dental care, except for dentures, was free. It seems that even dentures were free earlier. But some benefits started disappearing due to pressure from private practitioners and pharmacies companies. Even now the services are excellent for pensioners like me though there is waiting time for some non life threatening ailments like cataracts. That allows me to send about 10-20 percent of my pension ( I have no savings) to projects in India. May be good government services allow people to a bit more benevolent though it is not clear where the government is coming from. At one time it was from mining at home and abroad in which some poor countries were exploited heavily.

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