Sunday, March 18, 2018


The origins of privatisation, agriculture etc are not clear to me. It seems that there were several different styles of life coexisting at the same time for hundreds of years and in the case of agriculture for nearly five thousand years acoording to James Scott in ‘Against the grain’. About privatisation Michael Hudson formed a particular view in the late nineties after a research seminar. Below is a review of the seminar proceedings. The question is, or al least it seems to me, why a particular view prevailed after a long gestation. Is it game theoretic or is it imitation of more successful societies at some period. Can we draw some lesions from the more recent and better recorded past? Like Americanisation?
Review of the seminar
Privatization of Land: How it all began (1995) ( lot of misprints)
A recent discussion in Jacobin by Matt Bruenig.

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