Thursday, June 01, 2017

On Facebook

How Facebook's tentacles reach further than you think from BBC News:
"Not that she expects Share Lab's research to lead to a mass Facebook exodus, or a dramatic increase in the scrutiny of tech titans.
"What is most striking is the sense of resignation, the impotence of regulation, the lack of options, the public apathy," says Dr Powles. "What an extraordinary situation for an entity that has power over information - there is no greater power really.""
From Gulzar Natarajan Digital market monopoly fact of the day "I really do not understand why this does not attract anti-trust action? Or I guess this is crony capitalism of the digital age!"
Ramarao Kanneganti wonders On his wall "The first thing humans did as they started walking was to say "in the good old days when we were on the trees :-) ". I too lament the good old days of FB, when the comments on posts were as interesting, if not more than the post itself. The quality discussions, Differing opinions and different perspectives -- all look like happened in the past. 
Sreenivas Paruchuri has/had a theory about social groups and natural demise. Are we reaching that natural life cycle on FB?"
I respond : "
it is not just Facebook. We ( those of us who use Internet, may be small minority of the population) seem to be in a phase where topics seem important but shifting very rapidly and so feel forced to comment before the topic shifts. This may be a deliberate strategy of policy makers but many seem to be commenting quickly without due thought just responding to topic of the moment. Perhaps some can try to keep focus on a few important topics. But this needs a few whom some others take seriously. "

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