Thursday, June 08, 2017

Corruption universal?

How does executive visits to the White House affect firm prospects? :
"For the record, Donald Trump has already declared that he will not be making White House visitor log public!"
Odebrecht inthe aaazon: Comparing responses to corruption in Latin America :
"As this summary suggests, the Odebrecht scandal reveals not only the extent of corruption in public contracts and elections in Latin America, but also the widely varying capacity and inclination of different political systems to respond. Stepping back to consider another implication of these developments, we see that many of the funded projects are exactly those that have been the focus of civil society mobilisations in recent years because of their negative socio-environmental and human-rights impacts. The challenges civil society faced seem all the more daunting in light of revelations about the individual and partisan interests behind these projects. This only raises further doubt about what social benefits they actually achieved."

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