Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Some quotes from people of Indian origin

While searching for a film song, I came across some writings of Ramarao Kanneganti, a professional of Indian origin working in US. He says in one of the pieces:
"Now, where were we? We are talking about how people in the US are non-professionals. What I argued is that several non-professionals here are more capable than the professionals back home. And, I also argued that the “professionals back home” are not really professionals."
Aparna Krishnan, who has been working in a village for some time, in summary of some of her discussions says;
"The best farming lessons come from Annasamy anna and Siddiah, and not IARI. The best lessons on sociology are learnt by living in a village, and not from JNU ! "
Rahul Banerjee in says:
"I have now come to think that not only my alma mater but all technological institutes in this country are indeed dedicated to the vice of the nation which is the promotion of consumerist capitalism!! Actually the nation itself is not a homogeneous entity. As we know these days it is very much contested with multiple definitions of nation and nationalism resulting in continuous conflict of murderous proportions. Generally, the downtrodden majority do not even have a conception of nation and are too caught up in making two ends meet. The elite take advantage of this to distort the agenda of development of this country and nowhere is it more visible than in the irrelevance of our technological institutes. "
P.S. I think that two of them studied in IITs and one in IISc.

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