Monday, March 13, 2017

Experiences of an Indian government officer ( in Telugu)

Vadrevu China Veerabhadrudu started as a tribal welfare officer around 1987 and worked in Parvatipuram area which saw a Naxalites supported tribal uprisings during 1967-71. One of my cousins who had a phd. InChemical Engineeringwas involved inthe agitation. In 1970 when I went home on vacation, I was told that he was in jail and visited him inthe Rajahmundry jail. He could not get a job later and became a successful farmer. Vererabhadrudu now is the Additional Director if The Tribal Welfare Department of the A.P. Government and has been revisiting the area. In a Post in his wall he described the changes he has seen. Schools which were derelict at one time are thriving with students and new buildings and he describes some of the schools he visited with some historical asides.
Though India has progressive legislation in many areas, service delivery by all accounts is poor. Some NGOs and occasional helpful government officials have made a difference in some place. One place I visited is Alirajpur district in M.P. and the work there mainly associated with various organizations for which Rahul Banerjee ( and ) worked. I am not sure what worked in the Parvatipuram area. I will try to get more details from Sri Veerabhadrudu with whom I got acquainted recently and if I get enough details, translate his post.

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