Saturday, February 18, 2017

A recent post of Rahul Banerjee

About two friends helping in a school in Kakrana More on philonthrophy in Kakrana
There are a few earlier posts about him and also the book he wrote about his experiences.
55 mins
I have been following Rahul Banerjee's work for about ten years now and recently visited Kakrana and toured Alirajpur district with him for five days. He worked in the area for about thirty years I think, took part in various agitations for the welfare of advasis, jailed a few times and lots of the time it must have been frustrating. Over time he helped built various organisations in the area, built trust with the local people, helped them organise themselves as well as providing legal advice, various government schemes useful to them, helping with sewage, solar power and other hands-on projects. His work over so many years has now made it possible for others to easily enter some phases of these organisations and do what seems meaningful to them whatever their past careers have been. I met both the gentleman. One of them a gentle retired scientist trying to do some meaningful work after retirement. Other I could not stand. But both seemed to have settled Dow to some good work. People like Rahul offer some hope in these dismal times.

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