Monday, May 02, 2016

Visiting Sandy

My neighbour Sandy Burke is trying out an old people's home. She is 92-93, quite alert and seems to be in good health. But she is almost blind and deaf, so it is difficult to watch TV. Audi books help a bit. She says that there is no activity in the place. But there was less when she was home. At least now, she meets a number of people at meals times and there are common rooms etc. being with or near the children might have helped but this is a somewhat independent culture. I wonder whether we will face similar problems if we live too long.


L said...

The problem with living too long is that your children are old men and women. They have health issues and it is impossible for them to physically take care of an old parent. Secondly, they may have retired from their jobs and maybe living with their children in this age of no pensions. So even if they wish to do so, they cannot take car of old parents and this is going to be the story that describes of most of us who are 60-70 now.

gaddeswarup said...

Different actual cases discussed here