Sunday, October 04, 2015

Some good news from Bisada

Hindu neighbours helped Muslim family in Bisada escape mob:
"As the mob approached the homes of the Muslims on Monday night, three Hindu men – Vineet Kumar, Umesh Kumar and Ashok – planned a dramatic escape for the joint family.
Ashok helped women, children and the elderly cross a knee-deep pond at 2 am to reach a nearby road, while Vineet and Umesh drove their utility vehicle to the road through a narrow alley that is not used by the villagers.
“They escaped secretively from the village. Since there were almost 70 family members, we had to make three rounds from the village to Dadri. It took us more than two hours to ensure that all of them reached safely,” said Vineet, a 35-year-old farmer who is studying law......
Their Hindu neighbours are the only hope for them. The marriage of a Muslim girl, Nafeesa, is scheduled for October 11.
“The pandal is set up in the temple. They (the Muslims) were afraid about whether her marriage could be conducted peacefully. I have assured them and taken responsibility for the marriage of Nafeesa, who is like a sister to me,” said Vineet."

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