Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Conversations on FaceBook

I posted on FaceBook, a link to C.Rajendran's article posted here earlier and commented
Anandaswarup Gadde What surprisised me was the fine tuning of descrimination through literature at that early stage, whenever it is.
Sreenivas Paruchuri After being an active reader and poster on various Internet forums for more than 6-8 years still you believe that creative writing has to be democratic, plebian, non-disxriminatory, ...!? I am tempted to ask you if you could name one politically correct work, that over a long period of time. Sorry if I am harsh, but I find this kind of argument very problematic.
Anandaswarup Gadde Not sure. The one I can think of is Gurajada Apparao during recent times. I think that there are a few early pieces of poetry I have seen in Women's writing in India. Generally I am surprised at the taxonomy of various things which comes in indian writing, 64 of this, 96 of that,...http://gaddeswarup.blogspot.com.au/.../taxonomy-in-some... But I am not a very well read person; these are more queries and surprises from a non-lierary person. Most of my reading is very scattered mainly focussed on poverty and development.
Anandaswarup Gadde Actually this relates to some thing that I have been wondering about. From my readings which is basically after retirement, I felt that Indian society has been discriminatory for a much longer period than most societies. This seems to be entrenched inseveral accepts including in literature. Even to this day I find people growing nearby have very different tastes and inner lives depending on their caste and similar classifications. If this is true, I wonder what are the reasons. Is it endogamy? Some recent research indicates that Indians generally came from a few thousand founding families a few thousand years ago and somehow kept those identities through endogamy. Do you know other similar societies? Caste like societies seem to common in lot of areas but not as strong as in India. Just wondering about the mix that makes India different.
No further enlightement. I posted a link to the article System that replaces human intution with algorithms outperforms human teams
Purnaprajna Bangere A narrow set of rigged stuff, like for instance a game...cute news item, means little, unless of course for those hounded by Scientism! smile emoticon
Anandaswarup Gadde Can you explain a bit more? Some of the friends who visit his wall are interested in data science.
Again no further enlightenment.

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