Friday, April 10, 2015

'Foreigners' Isaac Newton, Pythagoras..

to be checked out of Rajasthan text books (via Chapati Mystery):
"Bizarre as Devnani's plans are however, they are hardly unique. The Gujarat government implemented a similar scheme in 2014, when it decided to introduce seven books by Dinanath Batra, a member of the executive committee of RSS education wing Vidya Bharti, as recommended reading for its primary and upper-primary students.
Batra himself has very strong opinions on the current education system in India, which he also feels gives much too much importance to 'foreigners'.
The Times of India quoted from one of his writings as follows:
Education in India is neither Indian nor a real education. Education has nothing to do with this country's land. It is result of mischiefs with words by Marx and Macaulay that today's young generation has become aimless, arrogant and stubborn and is in the race of being unemployed. A nationalistic education system has to be developed to address the requirements and through this we have to develop a young generation that is committed to Hindutva and nationalist.""

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