Monday, April 27, 2015

Does it pay to farm in India?

By Rukmini S in The Hindu:
"As you can see, a farm household needs to have at least 1 hectare[approximately two and half acres, one acre is approximately 4040 square metres] of land to make ends meet every month. But given that over 65 per cent of households have less than one hectare of land, this means that two out of three farm households are simply not able to make ends meet.
Unsurprisingly, what this translates into is debt. Over half of all agricultural households are indebted, and these are not small debts; the average loan amount outstanding for a farm household in India today is Rs. 47,000. For marginal farmers, making under Rs 4,000 per month, which doesn’t even cover their consumption, loans of over Rs 30,000 must be extremely heavy burdens.
The southern states stand out for their level of indebtedness."
P.S. Devinder Sharma:in his blog

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