Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another disclaimer

It worries me when my blog starts getting too many (by my standards) hits. I am worried that I may be misleading people since I myself am confused. Recently it is crossin 500 a day sometimes and some of the posts may be construed anti-American. At a personal level some of my best friends are American and I seem to feel at home when I wander around the streets in USA. But the country's policies may be different from what people want or aware of. There was time when US tried to help other countries, but slowly it shifted from a surplus economy to a deficit one in the early seventies. Some things might have happened without actually planning and the country just took 'advantage' of what came along. And now, it may be clawing to keep some of those advantages. In any case, I am confused and exploring these issues. And when somebody says that his son has one of the best paid jobs in a bank or a big US company (like Satya Nadella), it does not make me happy. 

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