Friday, March 13, 2015

Two marriage related stories from India

Thrashed for love: Bengaluru father beats up his daughter in public (via Rahul Siddharthan): "Stating that the father wanted to take her back to Madurai against the wishes of the adult daughter and forcibly marry her to someone of their choice, Chakraborty in her post says, “The mother, a teacher, kept blaming the girl for the shame that she has brought upon her family.”
“We called the police who came after 30 minutes and took the family away to Ulsoor police station,” she added.
Police said someone had called the control room and informed about the incident. “Our men had gone there, but the parents and daughter left saying they will sort out the issue. No complaint was registered.”"
"The bride and her cousins received a shock when the groom said 15+6 is 17 instead of 21. This angered the girl, who refused to marry the youth...."Any class I student must be able to solve the simple problem asked by us. The family of the groom had kept us in dark about the youth's qualification," Singh said. "It was a very embarrassing situation for all of us as we had come with all preparations and it was a matter of social prestige as well. We have been cheated," he added."

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