Thursday, March 12, 2015

Khazanchi 1941 with English subtitles

posted by Tommydan on YouTube (via Richard Singer). A short review at Cineplot and post about the clothes at VintageSareeblouse. From a review in Indian Baja "Ghulam Haider revolutionalized the face of the Hindi film songs and laid the foundation for the Hindi film as we know it today by combining popularragas with the rich verve and rhythm of Punjabi music. A huge hit, Khazanchi was one of the films that helped to establish the musical style of the Hindi film industry in subsequent years. The film also shot Shamshad Begum into the big league." The review has links to the songs.
P.S. (Links posted earlier ) More about the evolution of Hindi film music in this six part series…/evolution-hindi-film-song-part-6
and about Ghulam Haider

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