Monday, February 02, 2015

Three articled related to Ocalan and anarchism

“dogmatism is nurtured by abstract truths which become habitual ways of thinking. As soon as you put such general truths into words you feel like a high priest in the service of his god. That was the mistake I made.” Ocalan quoted in The new PKK: Unleashing social revolution in Kurdistan 
Rojava, Ocalan, anarchism, and the fight for Kobane
And Happidrome-part 1 by Adam Curtis:
"But the moment you look into what the Kurds are fighting for - what you discover is absolutely fascinating. They have a vision of creating a completely new kind of society that is based on the ideas of a forgotten American revolutionary thinker.
He wanted to create a future world in which there would be no hierarchies, no systems that exercise power and control individuals. And the Kurds in Kobane are trying to build a model of that world."

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