Friday, January 02, 2015

Brian Arthur on complexity economics

Expository essay: Complexity Economics: A different framework for economic thought via Chris Dillow's post "In praise of complexity economics'.
There was a link to an interview with Brian Arthur a few years ago in this blog. In that interview he talked a little about India and China. He also said
 "The U.S.’s competitive position will benefit from globalization, the digital revolution, and its strong position in science and innovation. And barring catastrophes such as pandemics and wars, or severe government bungling, this will continue for several decades."
I feel that US is a bit in the second mode now, mostly self made, because of fears of loss of hegemony. But probably the developing countries will suffer first says Illargi. See also his post The year in 5 narratives.
There will be distress for some time but alternatives will develop, I think. See the recent articles of Pepe Escobar in Asia Times.
See also Emmanuel Todd's article.

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