Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Vijay Iyer on "Our Complicity With Excess"

These are the sort of questions I ask myself when I see many successful Indians abroad working as IP lawyers or for Halliburton...http://aaww.org/complicity-with-excess-vijay-iyer/ "That I humbly ask of you, and of myself, is that we constantly interrogate our own complicity with excess, that we always remain vigilant to notions of community that might, perhaps against our best intentions, sometimes, embrace a system of domination at the expense of others. Can we radically submit ourselves to the pursuit of equality and justice for all? If we choose to call ourselves Asian American, can we not also choose to be that kind of American that refuses to accept what America has been, and instead help build a better America even for others, who might not immediately seem to “belong” to us?"

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