Sunday, November 09, 2014

Two interviews with Emmanuel Todd

Rising Literacy and Shrinking Birthrate: A look at the Root Causes of the Arab Revolution, May 20, 2011 from Spiegel International
An interview about Ukraine October 14, 2014. Todd:"It seems to me that Germany is increasingly moving to power politics, to veiled expansion. Germany’s reality since the reunification has been the undermining of unstable government structures in Europe. Remember the now nonexistent Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, and today it seems to be Ukraine’s turn.
For the majority of Europeans, Ukraine is not of much interest. But not to the Germans. Since its reunification, Germany has established control over practically the entire space formerly dominated by the USSR, and is using it for its economic and industrial benefit. Herein, by the way, lies one secret of Germany’s economic success. Faced with serious demographic problems and low birth rates, it needs a cheap and qualified workforce. So, in this logic, it is a very beneficial operation for Berlin to secure, for example, two-thirds of Ukrainian labor."

P.S.A criticism of Todd and

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