Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Steven Landsburg on Alexander Grothendieck.

gives some glimpses of Grothendieck's mathematics. An earlier post by the same author.
See also the Wikipedia article on Grothendieck- Reiman-Roch Theorem for a glimpse of Grothendieck's approach "The significance of Grothendieck's approach rests on several points. First, Grothendieck changed the statement itself: the theorem was, at the time, understood to be a theorem about a variety, whereas Grothendieck saw it as a theorem about a morphism between varieties. By finding the right generalization, the proof became simpler while the conclusion became more general. In short, Grothendieck applied a strong categorical approach to a hard piece of analysis. Moreover, Grothendieck introduced K-groups, as discussed above, which paved the way for algebraic K-theory."

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