Monday, October 27, 2014


(via Doug Henwood) where Ken Silverstein explains the background to the following photographs:

Ken Silverstein says "For the sake of historical accuracy, the pix appeared on the front page of Jornal do Brasil, a Rio daily, on November 13, 1992 with this caption: "Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1973, the ex-all powerful secretary of state Henry Kissinger said yesterday that Brazil will be able to enter the NAFTA agreement only in two to three years. At the invitation of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, he participated yesterday in a meeting on Latin America and the new world order at the Sheraton Hotel and later lunched at Saint Honore restaurant in the Meridien Hotel." I lived in Rio at the time and distinctly remember picking up Jornal do Brasil at a newsstand in front of my apartment on my way to get coffee and almost throwing up on the street after seeing those awful images. Kissinger later threatened to sue Jornal do Brasil, and us, but neither of us caved. I also remember well that the Washington Post's Reliable Source column picked up on the CounterPunch story and did an item about it. It was co-authored by two reporters relatively new to the column and within a week they ran a very flattering item about Kissinger. Clearly someone at the paper had informed them that they had gone way too far and better atone for their mistake. So there you have it, the full story of Boogergate."

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