Sunday, September 07, 2014


Mindhacks talks of " an interesting study of a women who started compulsively writing poetry after having brief epileptic amnesia treated with the anti-seizure drug lamotrigine......One of the most interesting implications of these cases is that rhyming, punning and poetic speech, which we normally think of as something that needs specific conscious effort and attention, can appear spontaneously to the point of overwhelming our normal forms of communication."
 From Nursing patterns & mother's milk (via Ed Yong)  "But for breastfeeding mothers, this also means that night milk may have importantly different features from daytime milk for babies. There are hundreds of bioactive hormones in milk that likely vary across the 24 hours of the day. What they do when consumed by the infant remains poorly explored if not TOTALLY UNKNOWN " But some effects known in rats. 
Carl Zimmer on Parasites practicing mind control
Carl Zimmer on the evolution of caffeine
About the composition of the fighters in Eastern Ukraine 
Robert Kagan thinks that America is averse to fight

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