Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Telsa blog All our patents belong to you
Chile rejects $8 billion dam project in Patagonia
The French are right: tear up our public debt- most of it illegal anyway
(A 2006 discussion about public debt Economics and Democracy: key quote:
 "Given the simplicity and power of this argument, one reads the epilogue of this great book with surprise and sorrow. In MacDonald’s view, it’s all over. In the nuclear age, deficits and bond drives on the world-war scale are history, and the American citizenry has lost its pride of place as creditor of the American state. Today, financial intermediaries hold about 37 percent of U.S. public debt; Japan and China, along with other countries, now hold about 30 percent. The proportion of U.S. debt owned directly by Americans has fallen to below 10 percent; in 1945 (when the debt was more than twice as large in relation to GDP as now) citizen-creditors just about held it all. He concludes that the link is broken and "for all practical purposes, the venerable marriage between public credit and democratic government, so vital a factor in the history of the world, has been dissolved." ..."
We'll all be dying in debtor's prisons soon
South-east England, offshore financial centre

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