Sunday, June 15, 2014


Barry Ritholtz on June 4th  Top economists say that war is bad for economy
Tyler Cowen The lack of wars may be hurting economic growth
Dean Bakeron June 14th Does the right hold economy hostage to advance economic agenda? and discussion at Economist's View
Ismael Hossein-Zadeh A world war between classes not countries "A brief look at recent schemes of regime change in countries like Iraq and Libya, on the one hand, and Ukraine and Iran, on the other, can help an understanding of when or where the imperialist powers resort to direct military action to bring about regime change (as in Iraq and Libya), and where or when they resort to "soft-power" tactics to achieve the same goal, as in Ukraine and Iran."
Tony Cartalucci America's covert re-invasion of Iraq "It is a defacto re-invasion of Iraq by Western interests – but this time without Western forces directly participating – rather a proxy force the West is desperately attempting to disavow any knowledge of or any connection to. However, no other explanation can account for the size and prowess of ISIS beyond state sponsorship. And since ISIS is the clear benefactor of state sponsorship, the question is, which states are sponsoring it? With Iraq, Syria, and Iran along with Lebanese-based Hezbollah locked in armed struggle with ISIS and other Al Qaeda franchises across the region, the only blocs left are NATO and the GCC (Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular)."
Haroon Khalid says "Yet the link in parts of Pakistan between the practice of Sufism and feudalism’s great injustices remains unacknowledged. Most of the Pirs in this part of Pakistan are also the feudal lords of their area. Many have capitalised on the international sentiment against puritanical Islam and positioned themselves as a counterpoint to its growth, even promoting their business interests in this manner." He is the author a book " A White Trail" about minorities in Pakistan. More on his timeline.
In a cricket article 'Murder in Multan' I find this " "In early days of the city, Multan had supposedly been home to the famed Prahladpuri temple, dedicated to Prahlad of Hindu mythology. According to the legend, Prahlad’s father, the asura king Hiranyakashipu, had been killed by Vishnu who had from inside a pillar, in his man-lion avatar known as Narasimha." See also Sehwag scoring his first 300.
Scientists have discovered vast water reserves near Earth’s mantle, a finding that could reshape our understanding of where Earth’s water came from.
The psychology of your future self by Dan Gilbert

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