Monday, April 21, 2014

Some advice about reading books from Tyler Cowen

How to read (any book like) Capital in the Twenty-First Century
In my case I did find Branko Milanovic review useful. In the middle, I tried to do do some exercises and made basic mistakes. Then I found browsing 'Capital is back' by Piketty and Zucman helped in correcting the mistakes, though I did not fully understand the paper since I do not have any background in economics.. Probably I will reread it soon. The mistakes I made were by misreading the book. I think that anybody can read the book. I think Paul Krugman's review in New York Review of books is good. And the one by Timothy Shenk puts in a broader context. There is a discussion of Tim Shenk's review as well as one from Manhattan Institute's Scott Winship here. The paper of Lane Kenworthy used by Scott Winship is also discussed by Steve Roth in a different fashion.

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