Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hours of work increasing or decreasing? from The Economist. I wonder whether after hour work which seems to becoming common among white collar workers is counted.
James Bessen on the jobless future, not quite convincing.
Death of Indian workers in Qatar from The Guardian
Not surprising collusion to keep the wages down, this time from Silican valley
Larys Syll on Mankiw's problem
Foreign Policiy on the Thai Malaise "The second challenge, seen in attempts to disrupt voting in Bangkok and elsewhere, concerns the logic of electoral politics. Now that voters in the north and northeast have been mobilized to vote as a bloc, the Bangkok middle classes and their southern allies face the real prospect that they will never again choose a government to their liking. "
Andrew Gellman on Richard Florida
Why BJP voted for the bill in spite of earlier objections "But the RSS helped the BJP make up its mind. The diktat from Nagpur was clear: Support Telangana. This is our old agenda and there is a great scope for BJP to grow in Telangana. This is much more than what can be achieved in Seemandhra." from a TOI article.

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