Thursday, February 06, 2014

About Satya Nadella

Dalel Benababaali has several posts where many have been wondering about his caste status and feeling proud that he is from their caste. It seems that his father was not keen about such things and very few knew about his caste identity "Satya Nadella's father Yugandhar is known as a very committed, straight-forward civil servant, and nobody knew his caste during his tenure because he didn't wear any surname suggesting it. He apparently says publicly that he hates Eenadu publication [which deliberately puts his caste title]. Satya's father in law K.R.Venugopal too is a class apart among civil servants, and respected among progressive and dalit intellectual circles. Now, some stupid paper writes his name as Yugandhar 'Naidu', while some other casteist papers identify his son as Satyanarayana 'Chowdary'. Nobody has felt any shame in the fact that Mr.Yugandhar shut his door to media, and switched off his mobile and disconnected his landline. And now these two icons of old world being dragged into the shit they abhorred and shunned for life! Such utterly shameless people!!" Moreover the discussions really were not about what this success in corporate life means to eneral wefare or people in India. Finally, it took The Guardian to articulate these doubts Actually, Satya Nadella's selection as Microsoft CEO isn't great for Indians. But who knows? His father and father in law ( both IAS, friends and from different castes) seem exemplary. May be some thing good will come out of it.
P.S. More tidbits (via Rahul Siddhathan)
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seminar at jkc college, Guntur(AP) said...

Yours views about Indian system mired in caste-prone affiliations is correct. But the language you have used is unnecessarily harsh when you said that some news papers gave his caste tag! If he is named in that way, what wrong can you find on that account? The progressive attitude of Mr Yugandhar, as you said, is commendable. But most of your comments have a touch of some unnecessary sarcasm, some sort of uneasy feeling, some grouse which the readers wont fail to understand.

gaddeswarup said...

Yes, there is some intemperate language in the quoted passage.

arun raj said...

hey see what satya nadella spoke about the digital India at san jose dinner event

Suresh Velicheti said...

I read Eenadu paper daily and no where Eenadu mentioned satya nadela caste. Because Eenadu paper gave full paper coverage to satya nadela. All are attributing like that. Eenadu paper never mentions about any one's caste. Please check.