Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Nirmala Devi(Arun) song

from Anmol Ratan (1950) . Nirmala Devi seems to have sung in films for over four decades and is also well known classical singer. From the Wikipedia article on her son Govinda "Govinda’s father, Arun Ahuja, was born in pre-partition GujranwalaPunjab, Pakistan on January 26, 1917.[5] He studied in an engineering college at Lahore. Veteran producer Mehboob Khan brought him to Mumbai in 1937 and cast him in Ek Hi Raasta as the leading man. Arun was notable for acting in Mehboob Khan's Aurat (1940). Govinda's mother, Nazeem who was Muslim had converted to Hinduism and adopted the name Nirmala Devi.[6]Arun and Nirmala first met during the making of the film Savera, in which they were cast opposite each other. They married in 1941.,,,,Since his father was unable to work, Nirmala Devi brought up the children through hard times in Mumbai."
A duet with Lakshmi Shankar

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