Thursday, January 17, 2013

The British Queen's veto powers

From The Guardian article Ministers accused of exploiting royal veto to block embarrassing legislation: "Tam Dalyell, the sponsor of a 1999 parliamentary bill that aimed to give MPs a vote on military action against Saddam Hussein, said he is "incandescent and angry" that it was blocked by the Queen under apparent influence from Tony Blair's government. It also emerged that Harold Wilson used the Queen's power to kill off politically embarrassing bills about Zimbabwe and peerages."
I wonder how many antiquated colonial laws are still on the books and whether they are being used in countries like India.
P.S. The above link attributes it Dipali Nag where as the disappeared YouTube attributed it to Wazir Jan. It does appear in Michael Kinnear's book on page 182 with attribution to Wazir Jan of Benares. May be it is in the repertoire of several singers for a long time.

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