Sunday, January 06, 2013

C.Ramachandra as a singer

From an interview with V.A.K. Rangarao:
"Of the Indian male and female singers you have heard, who are your favourites?

When it comes to the male voice, it is unquestionably Singer-Music DirectorChitalkar Ramchandra. I have around one hundred of his songs, both solos and duets. Actually, not many know that his first two films were in Tamil. He told me that he sang only when he could not get the singers he wanted. There is something delightfully off-the-cuff and spontaneous about his singing. In his own words, he never wished to polish a song to a jewel.
Of the female singers, my favourite is Geeta Dutt, even though she was not always on the sharp edge of sruti."
Here is one when Talat  was not availavle:
P.S. The above link is gone. Another

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