Friday, November 02, 2012

Some responses to Andrew Haldane speech

on 'Socially useful banking' at FT Alphaville. It also provides highlights of the speech.
Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism  says "And despite the efforts to diss it, OWS found an audience in the corridors of power. FT Alphaville chaired a discussion of socially useful banking, and the keynote speaker was Andrew Haldane, the executive director of financial stability for the Bank of England. Haldane is highly respected both among economists, who regard his work as creative and rigorous, and international banking regulators. He has the potential of being the sort of economist who leaves a lasting imprint on the profession. So his positive remarks about Occupy are a particularly powerful endorsement. "
See also Gulzar Natarajan post which focuses on the 'too-big-to-fail subsidy' 

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