Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Raj Chetty wins another award

From Harvard Gazette
"The MacArthur “has given me the freedom to pursue the types of large-scale projects that will take years,” Chetty said. “But it’s also a vote of confidence that people are interested in this type of research. I hope it’ll motivate our research team to do more of this type of work.”"
His father V.K. Chetty is also an economist and his 1969 paper " on measuring the nearness of near money" seems to have drawn some attention "..V.K. Chetty. issued a paper-”On Measuring the Nearness of Near Money”in . This was the opening of researching on currency substitution. After that more research on currency substitution appeared. The core of those theories was currency requirement function. As everyone have different views to currency substitution requirement, so different schools of thought appeared.China is in the process of reorientation of economy."
V.K. Chetty is an old friend and I am sure that he is thrilled.

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