Saturday, October 06, 2012

R. Vaidyanathan on the reforms that India needs

in the post Fatcat obsession: We need reform for India Uninc, not India Inc" via Miles Kimball:
"Until and unless we focus on reforms at the state and lower levels, we are not going to sustain our growth rates. We must come out of our focus on the big corporate sector — the Sensex economy — and focus on the sectors that really create jobs and growth. Our corporate sector is only an “item number” in our economy, full of glamour and oomph, but there is less substance below."
The whole post is worth a read. See also Sunita Narain's Public Private Prank. It is only yesterday that I learnt about 'item number'.

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NVR said...

Good articles. Just checking to see you are alive! Keep up the good work my friend. I liked the Tolstoy's quote too. Recently I had been reading "Mismeasure of Man by any means" by Jason Gould. Very illuminating.