Monday, October 29, 2012

Links, October 29

Review of 'Behind the curatin: Making music in Mumbai film studios' by Gregory Booth
Introductory part of 'Unearthing gender:Folk songs of North India' by Smitha Tewari Jessal. A review from the World Bank blogs.
Freeman Dyson reviews a book on philosophy, an excerpt: "I found the book enlightening and liberating. It said that philosophy is simple and has limited scope. Philosophy is concerned with logic and the correct use of language. All speculations outside this limited area are mysticism."
Australia targets Asia again: "EVERY school will be made to teach at least one priority Asian language under a national Asian studies curriculum, as part of a comprehensive embrace of the region aimed at exploiting its rapidly growing wealth over the next decade-and-a-half." From the Hindu "All Australian schools would engage with at least one school in Asia to support the teaching of a priority Asian language — Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian or Japanese, she said."
'The /Real/Club of Rome turns Forty, in Vienna' by David Warsh
From a speech by John Ashton: "The struggle between incumbency elites and those who see the need for change will be the defining struggle of our times." via ihe Global Dashboard.
Guy Standing on 'precariat'.
'Academic precariat' by Mark Brown.

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