Sunday, September 09, 2012

Louis Malle on film and dance in Madras

From the Wikipedia article on Louis Malle
"In 1968 Malle visited India and made a seven part documentary series L’Inde fantôme: Reflexions sur un voyage and a documentary filmCalcutta, which was released in cinemas.[1] Concentrating on real India, its rituals and festivities, Malle fell afoul of the Indian government, which disliked his portrayal of the country, in its fascination with the pre-modern, and consequently banned the BBC from filming in India for several years.[2] Malle later claimed his documentary on India was his favorite film[2]
Some of the commentary in the film seems politically incorrect and some over the top but he seems unafraid to explore and spell out his reactions. There are many uploads, but the following version has English subtitles (the same person also uploaded the parts on caste):
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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NadineisthatU said...

I was stunned by this Louis Malle documentary, that he put into words what I saw and felt. Thanks for posting. I stored the videos with my Igor Moiseyev videos on youtube. And since I come and go, I can only rejoice in being 'all here' tonight to arrive here on my you tube travels, and to feel and see it all, and to have remembered to save it.