Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Songs from Dev Anand films

Dev Anand passed away a few days ago in London. Following the lives and loves of heros like Dev Anand was a part of our growing up. He always struck me as a decent man and I think that he will be remembered for a long time for the songs from his films. He seems to have been extraordinarily lucky in this respect with several singers and music directors contributing to the success of his films. atul's bollywood song a day- with full lyrics has several posts starting with this to several of his popular songs. I will just link to two which are not probably so well known, one with Suraiya and another with Sheila Ramani(?):
Tum Meet Mere Tum Praan Mere
Funtoosh - O G O Humne Aaj Koina

This seems to be from a journalist who knew him for a few years. Noticed in the links in one of Outlook blogs

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