Sunday, October 24, 2010

Carl Zimmer's 'Brain Cuttings'

is the first book that I read on kindle My new book–ebook, that is: Brain Cuttings. Fourteen of these appeared in Discover among
these (Search Results) and many of them discussed in his blog
The Loom. The individual pieces discuss some aspect of a feature of the mind like fear, face recognition, 'zoning out' etc. The pieces come with links which enhance the essays and the discussion in The Loom adds to their value. Putting them out without these extra features seems to diminish them. Moreover in a book, one expects a comprehensive view of the topic with hints for further study. However these articles are only about some feature or features of the topics considered and are not comprehensive reviews of the topics. Though still readable, the book somehow is not appealing. I would rather go back to the original articles or their discussion in the blog.

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