Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fast acceptance

Papers seem to be getting accepted faster after retirement. Splittings and C–complexes :
"Received: 7 August 2009
Revised: 26 August 2009
Accepted: 31 August 2009
Published: 3 October 2009"
Previous version of the paper here


Rahul Siddharthan said...

Congrats! Such timelines are not unusual in some sciences, but I believed that the review process in mathematics is still quite time-consuming...

gaddeswarup said...

Thanks. That was done (my part) partly in March and partly in April. Since then, there seems to be a deep decline in math. ability. Recently, somebody asked to prove a theorem in an area in which I am supposed to have expertise. Even after an hour's preparation, I got stuck. May be, it is time to bring out unpublished papers.

kalavendi jagadeesa sarma said...

Dr. K. Balagopal was highly divine. I was his M. Sc class mate and i have seen his thought processes. He was so application oriented,and did not live in imaginary life. perhaps god was also dearer to him. he deserved the highest position among the intellectuals. he is one who stands higher than any of the people and civil liberties people of his contemporaries. I am proud of being his class mate. he was highly divine, he could not become that famous like Vivekananda but definitely of that order.