Friday, August 07, 2009

Who is Paruchuri Sreenivas?

My response to a query in
a Telugu blog

Paruchuri Sreenivas is the most knowledgeable person about Indology topics that I know. He has suggested to me and many others articles , books etc and seems to have the knack for finding significant articles. Even scholars like Velcheru Narayana Rao (Krishnadevaraya professor in University of Wisconsin and one of the best writers on Telugu poetry etc. in English)consult him for references.

I never met him personally but heard that his father and my father taught in the same school; but I think that he is much younger than me. He gets a bit impatient with sloppy people like me but is very helpful. By profession, he is a plastics engineer. He is the owner of the group racchabanda, and one of the people responsible for oldtelugusongs, ghantasala.inf. He has not written many articles but has many informative and sometimes encyclopedic posts in various places like racchabanda, oldtelugusongs discussion groups and vatious archives like telusa.

I think that he is a treasure and possibly a good position for him would be some sort of directorship of a Telugu Institute. But he does not have the right 'qualifications'.


Anil Atluri said...

Right qualifications you say! I think he is simply overqualified. :-)

gaddeswarup said...

There are a few others like Suresh Kolichala, Kodavalla Hanumantha Rao, Jampala Chowdary...