Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some old Telugu movies

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I watched 'Palletuuru' which I missed those days. The villages in which I grew up did not have cinema halls and we had to walk 2-3 miles to watch relatively old movies. But we heard lot of the film songs. Others I misses and watched recently are 'Pathalabhairavi' and 'Peddamanushulu'. I am still waiting for 'MLA'. I am not very proficient in either Telugu or English, but I grew up in Telugu villages and the medium of instruction was Telugu. So, the memories of villages and Telugu songs are strong and as I grow older many old songs which I have not heard for 30-40 years seem to come back suddenly. I always carried 3-4 books of Gurajada Apparao and Srirangam Srinivasarao because their Telugu is easy to understand. For some reason, I still count in Telugu and some Telugu seems to have remained strongly with me. So, it was enjoyable to watch 'Palletuuru', particularly the village scenes (it was still chedugudu in the film) and the early songs. Some of the songs have shades of Shankar-Jaikishen and I think that 'Shavukaru' with similar village scenes is a better film.

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