Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNC-IBN Indian of the Year 2007 For E.Sreedharan

From The Hindu:"Delhi Metro Chief E Sreedharan was on Tuesday adjudged as the "Indian of the Year for 2007" by CNN-IBN news channel. "
More about Sreedharan here.I attended a function in Vijayawada when E. Sreedharan was awarded
Dr. Pinnamaneni and Smt. Seethadevi Foundation award for 2007. He mentioned during the speech (from the link above):
"Dr. Sreedharan said small and lean teams of dedicated professionals were major contributing factors behind the successful implementation of the first phase of Delhi Metro much in advance of the scheduled time.

It was ensured that there were no clerks or peons in the system to the extent that officials of the rank of joint secretary to the Government had to fend for themselves, which worked wonders in avoiding corruption and enabling fast-paced decision making, he added."
I also remember him saying that the contractors were paid 75 perecent as soon as they submitted the bills and the rest with in 10 days. The money from the awards he wins goes to a charitable foundation.

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